Understanding Functional Skills Level 2: A Complete Guide

June 5, 2024
Complete Tuition Team

Acquiring Functional Skills Level 2 qualifications is an effective method for enhancing your proficiency in English and Mathematics. They hold equal significance to GCSEs and are greatly prized by both employers and educational institutions. For those seeking assistance in obtaining these qualifications, Complete Tuition suggests taking MME’s Functional Skills Level 2 courses and exams.

What Are Functional Skills?

Functional Skills are practical English and Maths skills that help you in real life. Unlike regular school subjects, they focus on useful skills you need every day, like problem-solving and clear communication.

What You Learn

English: This covers reading, writing, speaking, and listening. It helps you understand and express ideas clearly.

Maths: This involves using numbers, data, and measurements to solve problems in everyday situations.

Why It’s Important

For Jobs: Many jobs need at least Level 2 in Maths and English. Having these skills makes you more employable.

For Education: Level 2 is often needed for college courses, apprenticeships, and training programmes.

For Life: The skills you learn are useful for everyday tasks, like managing money or understanding instructions.

Getting Ready

Know the Test: Each subject has its own exam format. English has reading, writing, and speaking & listening tests. Maths has problem-solving tasks.

Use Study Resources: Online courses, practice tests, and textbooks can help you prepare.

Make a Plan: Set aside time to study each subject regularly and focus on one thing at a time.

Ask for Help: If you’re stuck, ask for support from adult education centres or online forums.

Tips for the Exam

  • Read the questions carefully.
  • Manage your time wisely.
  • Show your workings in Maths.
  • Review your answers if you have time.


Attaining Functional Skills Level 2 qualifications is crucial for enhancing your English and Maths proficiency. Whether you aspire for better job prospects, further education opportunities, or simply aim to enhance your everyday capabilities, these certifications can be immensely beneficial. With adequate preparation and assistance, you can excel in the examinations and enhance your skill set. Begin striving towards achieving your Functional Skills Level 2 today!


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