GCSE Science changes

The GCSE Science curriculum has been changed considerably this academic year and the current GCSE Science specification is being examined for the last time this summer. In most instances the exam boards AQA, Edexcel and OCR do agree to allows re-sits of the old GCSE Science exams for one year following their end, but this will only apply to people who are looking to re-sit, everyone else will have to take the new GCSE Science exams. Biology, Chemistry and GCSE Physics have all changed considerably with an increased focus on experimental set up and core Science in each of the Sciences. Topics like mining metals and quarrying limestone have been removed from the GCSE Chemistry and have been replaced with more reaction and experimental based Chemistry. Whilst in Physics the likes of energy generation on a national level has been removed and there is more focus on the detailed Physics of things like nuclear reactions and forces. Within the Biology GCSE there is more emphasis being put on the cellular and genetics side of the subject which have been notoriously challenging for some students to grasp. Some other significant changes are the grading system but also the removal of coursework so that the entire GCSE will now be assessed with a terminal examination. The exam structure has also changed, for instance there are no longer 9 different exams for triple Science, but instead 6 longer exams, 2 for each of the individual Sciences. Regardless of all of the changes to the course, Complete Tuition is confident that our GCSE Science tutors, can deliver the best quality GCSE Science tuition that will be 100% relevant to the new course.