GCSE Maths Exam

As the GCSE Maths exam, paper 1 is due to be taken for the first time tomorrow, we thought it would be good to review the changes that have been made to the GCSE Maths curriculum and state how we think this will impact on what is in the exam tomorrow.  The most significant change has been to the grading system which is now from level 1-9 with the new grade 9 being above the previous A*. New topics such as functions, iterative methods and Venn diagrams have appeared in the new specification. Other question types such as new quadratic sequence questions, the circle equation and algebraic probability trees have also appeared making the new GCSE Maths specimen papers a lot more challenging than the old GCSE Maths papers.

As the new GCSE Maths specification has only just been introduced for first examinations this year, it is likely that we will see 3 GCSE Maths papers that are quite a bit different to the old calculator and non-calculator papers. In order to differentiate these further it is likely that we will see many of the new question and topic types so our advice to all students is make sure you know all of the new question types inside out. Practise, practise and more practise is the key.