Functional Skills Exams

Functional Skills
June 20, 2023
Complete Tuition Team

Functional Skills Exams
Complete Tuition offers a range of education resources, including functional skills exams. Functional skills exams can be a crucial qualification if you haven’t already received a GCSE qualification in maths or english. A pass is equivalent to a GCSE grade C which has now become a requirement for most jobs and all universities. Through various services, Complete Tuition can provide help with all aspects of functional skills exams including revision resources, courses and tuition. In this blog post we are going to be discussing what functional skills exams entail and why they are an essential qualification.

Functional skills exams hold utmost importance within the educational framework of the United Kingdom. Their purpose lies in assessing fundamental knowledge and competencies crucial for both personal and professional contexts. These exams cover a wide range of essential subjects, such as English, mathematics, and information and communication technology (ICT).

What are Functional Skills Exams?

Functional skills exams evaluate essential abilities in English, mathematics, and ICT, measuring practical aptitude. These exams offer various levels ranging from entry level to level 2, and hold recognition from employers, universities, and colleges. Their purpose is to gauge proficiency in practical skills applicable to everyday scenarios, including email communication, using spreadsheets, and budget calculations.

Why are Functional Skills Exams Important?

Functional skills exams are crucial as they equip individuals with the necessary abilities to thrive in both personal and professional aspects of life. They hold significant value in the eyes of employers and universities, serving as evidence that learners possess practical proficiencies applicable in real work settings. Employers often rely on functional skills exams as a standard for assessing and selecting new employees, while universities employ them as prerequisites for certain courses.Moreover, functional skills exams play a vital role by granting learners an opportunity to attain qualifications in English, mathematics, and information and communication technology (ICT). Particularly for those who encountered difficulties with these subjects during their academic journey, functional skills exams present a chance to enhance their competencies and earn qualifications that can propel their career advancement.

How to prepare for Functional Skills Exams?

When getting ready for functional skills exams, it is crucial to employ a mix of studying, practising, and mastering exam techniques. The most important aspect is to utilise top resources. If you require any support with functional skills exam, Complete Tuition has a wide range of resources to help with these qualifications.


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