Functional Skills English

Functional Skills
June 20, 2023
Complete Tuition Team

Complete Tuition offers high quality support and educational resources for learners of any background, age or ability. In this blog we are going to look at functional skills English. GCSE English at a grade C or above has now become a requirement for employment, university and apprenticeships. If you are missing this vital qualification, then a functional skills English qualification can be a great alternative.

Functional skills English is specifically designed to be applicable for real life situations. This set of English language qualifications helps gain more advanced English language skills to help them in all aspects of work, education and everyday life. A variety of awarding bodies in the UK offer functional skills English, including Pearson Edexcel, City and Guilds and Open Awards.

Functional skills English encompasses fundamental aspects of the English language, including speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Available in multiple levels from Entry Level 1 to Level 2, these qualifications are suitable for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Often regarded as a substitute for traditional English language qualifications like GCSEs, functional skills English assessments are geared towards practical applications in real-life scenarios. These tasks could range from completing a job application to composing a complaint letter or delivering a presentation on a self-selected topic. The assessments are generally taken on a computer but can also be taken in paper format.

Employers and academic institutions place a high value on functional skills English qualifications as they indicate that the individual possesses practical English language proficiency required for success in the workforce or further education. They are also acknowledged as a beneficial qualification for individuals who desire to enhance their English language skills for personal or professional reasons.

At Complete Tuition we can guide students through the whole process for functional skills English, including courses, exams and tuition. If you are interested in sitting these qualifications, or have any questions, please get in touch today.

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