Functional Skills Course

Functional Skills
May 10, 2023
Complete Tuition Team

Complete Tuition provides innovative educational resources and recommends tools that correspond with our services. In this week’s blog we are looking at functional skills courses and how students can access them online. We provide assistance for learners who want to enrol onto the most appropriate functional skills course for them, regardless of age. To find the right course for each specific learner we evaluate their needs before choosing a route that meets their requirements and daily commitments such as work or childcare. On occasions, speed is crucial, as a learner may have to finish a course and exam within weeks to meet a job or university application deadline.

Functional skills courses are created for anyone who did not gain GCSE qualifications whilst at school, or anyone who wants to boost their skills to help them with their job or career progression. The courses and exams are available from entry-level to level 2, with varying settings in which they can be completed. The online format has gained traction in recent years due to its flexibility and speed of results.

One option for functional skills courses involves attending college where the content is taught through classroom based learning, practical exercises and assessments. However, a lot of learners do not have the flexibility to attend a centre multiple times a week and so will instead complete the course online. The maths and english courses both contain a wide range of topics, including language features for English and algebra for maths. In addition to providing learners with extra knowledge to prepare you for formal level 2 qualifications, functional skills qualifications also help them to improve their everyday skills that can assist them in furthering their career.

At Complete Tuition we provide high quality support to help learners find the best functional skills courses for them. If you are interested in tuition alongside the course, we have various options available including local tutoring agencies and online tuition. If you are interested in completing a functional skills course and exam, or have any questions, please contact Pass Functional Skills

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