What does Complete Tuition offer?

Complete Tuition offers reliable revision materials to students, tutors and teachers as well as advertising tutors and tutoring agencies across the country. We also provide online tuition whereby we source the tutors directly to ensure we offer the best quality tuition. What makes us unique is that we do not charge tutoring agencies for signing up and our service is totally free to use for students as well. We are the first website to offer this service along with all of our revision materials!
How do I find a tutor or specific revision resource?

Head over to the revision resources page or homepage. Simply use one of our search filters located at the top of the page, to  fill in the details of the type of tuition you are looking for or the resource you want to find.

Why can’t I find a specific revision material?

Complete Tuition are making every effort to cover as many subjects, levels and exam boards as we can. However this is going to take time so we currently may not have every resource you are looking for. The good news is we are uploading new resources every day so it won’t be long until we have what you are looking for. In the meantime please contact us and let us know what you would like to see on the site.

I am an individual tutor, can I sign up to your service?

As an individual tutor you can sign up to our service but you must comply with a strict set of criteria before you can gain access to the free advertising platform that is Complete Tuition. Visit our sign up page today to see a list of criteria for sign up.

Are all the agencies and tutors that advertise on your site reputable?

We take many steps to ensure the quality, reliability and experience of the tutoring agencies and tutors signing up to our service. However we strongly recommend that parents independently validate an agency and an individual by asking to see a DBS check and any other documentation that you may see fit.

an I leave a review of the tutor that provided me with tuition?

Yes! by all means visit the individual page of the tutoring agency or tutor you used and leave a review. We know that the tutors that advertise on Complete Tuition are keen to receive your feedback as it is the only way that they can keep improving their service.

I run a tutoring agency, can I sign up?

Yes! However you must meet our strict sign up criteria first. Visit our sign up page to see what these are.

Why don’t you have a contact number?

Our support team work 7 days a week around the clock to ensure we reply to most enquiries within 24 hours. Because our email system is so efficient and we want to keep the service totally free to all users, we have chosen not to have a phone system as this would introduce a cost that we would have to pass on. If you have any suggestions or want to make an enquiry about the tuition advertised on our site or any of the free resources we provide then please submit the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.