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Complete Tuition Ltd is an EdTech business that develops innovative products, services and systems that transform the way students learn.

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Complete Tuition Ltd is an EdTech business that develops products and services that transform the way students learn and in turn offers significant social value benefiting communities across the UK. 99.9% of our learners use our services without any fee, benefitting from our free online learning content and innovative platforms.

We invest in brands that have the potential to deliver real value to learners and users, with a significant focus on delivering exceptional content to those who need it at a time they need it most.

The results are unparalleled learner experiences and educational materials that help to accelerate learning in a way that wasn't possible in the past.

We are always interested in websites and products that complement our current services and we are open to a number of different types of partnerships. Our primary focus is always delivering value to the learner and everyone we work with has to share this passion.


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Our Brands

The following brands are fully owned by our group and are overseen by our senior management team.




With over 5 million unique website visitors a year and still growing rapidly, MME is the most recognisable brand we have. MME provides high quality learning materials for Maths, English and Science subjects for a range of ages as well as market leading revision products that are used by schools, students and educators worldwide.

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Pass Functional Skills


The number 1 functional skills support service in the UK, helping thousands of learners every week prepare to take their functional skills qualifications. With the most advanced learning platform, Pass Functional Skills offers learners the opportunity to complete courses in maths and English in record time.

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Pass My GCSE


Passing GCSE maths and English is essential for University entrance and job applications. All Uni's and most employers require a GCSE grade C or Level 4 in maths and English. For those looking for a career in nursing, health care, primary teaching, midwifery and some other professions, then a GCSE science qualification may also be mandatory to be able to enter these career paths. Pass My GCSE is here to make sure you achieve this.

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The Exam Tutor


The Exam Tutor is a dedicated online tuition service with one simple mission - your exam success. Understanding that each student's journey to a successful results day is unique, rather than a 'one-size-fits-all' solution, our service provides a tailored approach to your individual needs. Wherever you are in your academic journey, our team of exam specialists are here to guide you. To take the first step on a journey that finishes in results day victory, get in touch now.

Online 1-to-1 Tuition

Online Group Tuition


Numerical Reasoning Tutor


Online courses and dedicated 1-2-1 tuition for those looking to sharpen their numeracy skills in preparation for job interviews. Industry expertise mixed with mathematical tutoring experience, the Numerical Reasoning Tutor team are well positioned to help people overcome the challenge of job specific numeracy tests.

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QTS Maths Tutor


A service dedicated to helping aspiring teachers pursue their passion for education through interview preparation. This QTS service also ensures that teachers have access to the maths qualifications they need to meet the minimum entry requirements to get onto their teacher training courses.

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Local Tutoring Agencies

We still support a number of local tutoring agencies across the country. The following are just a few examples of the tutoring agencies we help to set up and support through the course of a number of years.

Skipton Tutors Logo
Skipton Tutors
Visit Skipton Tutors
Harrogate Tutors Logo
Harrogate Tutors
Visit Harrogate Tutors
York Maths Tutor Logo
York Maths Tutor
Visit York Maths Tutor
London Tutor Company Logo
London Tutor Company
Visit London Tutor Company

Brands We Work With

Since covid we have started to explore new ways of working and the opportunities that partnerships can bring.


A Star Equivalency


In 2021 we started to work with A Star Equivalency, a service that works with Universities and training providers across the country ensuring prospective undergraduates and trainees meet the standards required in maths, English and science related disciplines. We have helped to transform this service, delivering value to each of the key stakeholders through a series of service improvements which have included the introduction of a bespoke learner management system and the expansion of learner support.

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Complete Tuition is open to partnerships and new acquisitions.

We have a framework that is very effective in adding value to pre-existing educational services. Where a brand already exists we will look to develop this through the introduction of software solutions, products and services that learners want.

Where appropriate, we also consider full acquisitions of websites and services that complement our existing portfolio and where this is right for the existing owner.

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Students Say
About Us:

Kieran, Will and the customer support team of MME are one of the best I have come across. Such service is rare nowadays. We were sent wrong papers but the team dealt with the problems promptly and responded to every query I raised over email almost immediately. All my issues were resolved quickly. Definitely recommend them to everyone.

Tushar Dasghose
MME Customer

I did the fast track and got my results back within 9 days. The certificate came straight away by email then they send one out in the post but that hasn’t come yet. I had to get this super quick and I wanted to leave enough time for a resit, fortunately I didn’t need it. Anyone in a rush, this is definitely the exam centre to use.

Kirsten Champion
PFS Customer

I definitely recommend A Star Equivalency. The preparation for the English test is great, you have enough material to practice and then you are able to get two mock exams graded, which gives you a perfect indication of the exam and whether you would pass it. The feedback was great and I felt well prepared on the day.

Yacine Cathline
A Star Equivalency Customer

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