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At Complete Tuition Ltd we develop software, services and systems that transform the way students learn and educators teach.

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We are an EdTech business that develops software to help learners and educators in delivering better educational outcomes. Our primary focus is on level 2 qualifications which are often the most important stepping stone for people’s careers.

We develop brands that deliver real value to learners, through provision of exceptional content that is shared via our proprietary software. Content and software is developed by our in-house teams which work alongside each other to provide our services.

Our services have the advantage of being vertically-integrated, meaning we can provide an end to end service supporting learners and educators throughout the entire learning pathway. The results are unparalleled learner experiences that help to accelerate learning.

We believe that technology will be central to the educational revolution that will see learners of all ages benefiting from advances in AI that will also help educators to manage workloads and provide more targeted learner specific feedback ultimately resulting in better outcomes.


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Our Brands

The following brands are fully owned by our group and are overseen by our senior leadership team. Each service utilises our central learning platform along with backend processes and procedures that have been optimised through the development of bespoke software solutions.




With over 5 million unique website visitors a year MME is the most recognisable brand we have. MME provides high quality learning materials for maths, English and science subjects for a range of ages as well as market leading revision products that are used by schools, students and educators worldwide. These revision products have also been featured in prominent BBC and Netflix TV series. The service has recently introduced MME Premium which is a subscription based learning platform designed to improve the grade outcomes of GCSE students.

Pass Functional Skills


The number 1 functional skills support service in the UK, we help thousands of learners every week prepare to obtain their functional skills qualifications. With the most advanced learning platform, Pass Functional Skills offers learners the opportunity to complete courses in maths and English in record time. We also provide our software and exams service to the NHS, numerous local authorities and many training providers including Manchester City Football club. As the only service to provide a fully integrated offering including physical resources, advanced reporting software, courses, exams and tuition, we are uniquely placed to provide the best support in this space.

PMG Website

Pass My GCSE


Passing GCSE maths and English is essential for University entrance and job applications. All Universities and most employers require a GCSE grade C or Level 4 in maths and English. For those looking for a career in nursing, health care, primary teaching, midwifery and many other professions, then a GCSE science qualification may also be mandatory to be able to enter these career paths. Pass My GCSE provides access to market leading GCSE courses that prepare learners for their exams, whilst giving them the ability to register for an Ofqual regulated qualification. We have developed bespoke software that makes the GCSE exam booking process possible on a nationwide basis, where previously it was very difficult to achieve this without extensive manual input for each registration.

The Exam Tutor


The Exam Tutor provides tuition support for learners who access our other services and for others who have independently found us. We have developed software to enable the management of large numbers of students who either require tuition on a 1-2-1 basis or who opt for the more affordable group option. This has given us the ability to scale up the service whilst keeping fees low and tuition delivery standards high.


Numerical Reasoning Tutor


Online maths courses and dedicated 1-2-1 tuition for those looking to sharpen their numeracy skills in preparation for job interviews. Industry expertise mixed with mathematical tutoring experience, the Numerical Reasoning Tutor service is well positioned to help people overcome the challenge of job specific numeracy tests.

QTS Maths Tutor


A service dedicated to helping aspiring teachers pursue their passion for education through interview preparation. We ensure that teachers have access to a dedicated maths platform to help them prepare for interviews and meet the minimum entry requirements to get onto their teacher training courses.


Brands We Work With

These are other services we work with where we help to grow the brand and user base through implementation of our learning software and administration systems.


A Star Equivalency


Provider of testing services primarily for those looking to gain access onto a teacher training course. Working with hundreds of training providers and Universities across the UK, A Star Equivalency ensures prospective teachers have the skills required in maths, English and science before they enrol onto their University course. /p>


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Special Educational Needs Tutor

Tailored assistance for Special Education Needs (SEN) stands as a notable illustration of personalised support within the educational framework, specifically designed for students encountering learning difficulties. Unlike conventional teaching methods, SEN tutoring prioritises diversity, adapting its methods to address the distinct needs of students grappling with conditions such as dyslexia, ADHD, autism, and other challenges. […]

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Complete Tuition is open to partnerships.

We have a framework that is very effective in adding value to pre-existing educational services. Where a brand already exists we will look to develop this through the introduction of software solutions, products and services that learners want.

We have a proven record of growing brand users through a content marketing approach that ensures user acquisition is achieved in a cost-effective and sustaina

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Kieran, Will and the customer support team of MME are one of the best I have come across. Such service is rare nowadays. We were sent wrong papers but the team dealt with the problems promptly and responded to every query I raised over email almost immediately. All my issues were resolved quickly. Definitely recommend them to everyone.

Tushar Dasghose
MME Customer

I did the fast track and got my results back within 9 days. The certificate came straight away by email then they send one out in the post but that hasn’t come yet. I had to get this super quick and I wanted to leave enough time for a resit, fortunately I didn’t need it. Anyone in a rush, this is definitely the exam centre to use.

Kirsten Champion
PFS Customer

I definitely recommend A Star Equivalency. The preparation for the English test is great, you have enough material to practice and then you are able to get two mock exams graded, which gives you a perfect indication of the exam and whether you would pass it. The feedback was great and I felt well prepared on the day.

Yacine Cathline
A Star Equivalency Customer

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